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Shared Facilities

Shared facilities is the facilities that can be share among four institution at Edu Hub Pagoh which are Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia (UTHM), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Southern Campus, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Research Centre and Pagoh Community College.  The shared facilities provided by the Pagoh Higher Education Hub are includes Covention Hall, Lecture Hall, Multipurpose Hall, Guest House, Open Sport Facilities and Sport Facilities. These shared facilities can be book by online at Pagoh Higher Education Hub Community Portal as link provided below.

For booking, Please contact:
(013 725 9307)

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  • Convention Hall

    Convention Hall Common placed at Zone 1 Common. The convention hall has a space that can be used by 1,000 visitors at a time can be divided to host seminars, exhibitions, graduation, banquets and other activities. There is also a VIP room for special guests. 

  • Lecture Hall

    Lecture Hall has 8 Auditorium in total with 1000 capacity of people, there is also provided projector, Public Address System (P.A System) in every halls. There is provided also Living Prayer and Dressing Room.

  • Multipurpose Hall

    Multipurpose Hall can accommodate 1500 capacity of people by using smart chair. This hall can be used for any event. There is also provided P.A System and also Cafe. 

  • Guest House

    HPTP (Higher Education Hub in Pagoh) Guest house is located in Zone 2 Shared Facilities. This guest house under the supervision of the Administrative Unit, SPK HPTP Development Division, Ministry of Higher Education. The rooms are equipped with television, refrigerator, water heater, refrigerator, electric jug and include complimentary set of sheets, towels and blankets.

  • Library

    The three storey of  Shared Facilities Library covers 8,962 square feet with 1500 seating capacity and  can accommodate 50,000 students reference materials. Shared facilities Library serves various  programmes offered by UTM, IIUM, UTHM and Politeknik Tun Syed Nasir.  The  Library provides an array of print and electronic resources designed to assist students with their academic pursuits and encourage self-directed research and learning.

    The Library also provides a wide range of amenities such as discussion rooms, meeting room, guest rooms, seminar rooms, multimedia room, carrels room, research room  for Postgraduate Students, Internet Library, Network printing and lockers. All the computers in the library are provided with internet facilities and WiFi. Shared Library is using SIERRA library system and OPAC links to all Universities and Polytechnic will be provided through the Library Portal.

  • Surau

    Surau is 655 M2 at middle of  shared facilities zone which easy muslims who wants to performing prayer if there is an event or any activities at shared facilities zone.

  • Open Sport Facilities

    • Tennis Court


    • Basket Ball Court


    • Netball Court 


    • Volleyball Court


    • Lawn Bowling Field


    • Hokey Field


    • Rugby Field

  • Sport Facilities

    • Futsal Center


    • Aquatic Center

    • Track & Field

    • Football Field